SFFM v1.1 and other stuff

Hey there!

Here is a short devlog about few different things: thanks, v1.1 and the end of this journey!

Thank you!

First of all, I want to thank the itch.io and Blackthorprod communities. I am currently reaching the 800 views and 350 downloads which is totally crazy for a small game jam project. It is really cool to see that so many people try my game. Thanks a lot!


I just released the version 1.1 of Super Fancy Factory Mania. A small post-jam update to improve the concept and make it more enjoyable.

Here is the changelog:

  • Add a score system to add challenge
  • Add a grid system to change difficulty
  • Small tweaks on sound design
  • New achievements!

All these changes come from players’ feedback I received during the game jam rating phase. The main concern about SFFM was the lack of challenge. I tried to add some by implementing a score system based on combos. If you use parts that fit well, your score will be good. I also added a “grid” system which changes the space you put your machine parts. If you chose a complex grid, your score will be better.

End of the journey

When I was designing the score system I realised how limited was the concept of SFFM. I had a lot of ideas during the game jam and I was really enthusiast and wanted to push the concept. But I think that with this v1.1 the game can’t go way further. Only few tweaks, more content and some polish can be done. The concept is based on experiment and it’s not enough to make a full game where players want to come back. They try it, make some fun games, but there is no reason for them to come back. Adding a “management” layer, some missions or some “game studio” progression” are good ideas but the game should be remade from scratch. That’s why I decided to move on other projects and end this amazing journey here.

Thanks a lot for playing! And see you soon!


SuperFancyFactoryMania_V1.1_Windows.zip 17 MB
Nov 20, 2018

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